You Have Parkinson's

My Parkinson's Diagnosis

After people receive their official Parkinson's diagnosis they go through a variety emotions. Sad, angry, depressed, and many feel overwhelmingly alone. We need your help to spread the word to those people who are feeling alone and to let them that they are NOT.​ So we are asking you to share your story with those who are suffering and those who know someone that is suffering from Parkinson's. Your words can help, heal, and inspire. Many of you are fighting a battle that only you know the magnitude of. So use your story to inspire others to keep fighting. For many of you this may be the first time you are telling the in-depth story of your diagnosis and struggle. This may be a hard at first, but once you have finished, we guarantee you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. 
​So here's the deal. We are looking for people with Parkinson's to share their stories of when they were diagnosed and what they have done since then to give themselves the best life possible. A story of heartbreak and triumph. We really want you to dig deep and share those first emotions after hearing the three words, "You have Parkinson's." Then comes the most important part. We want you to share what you have done to fight back against your Parkinson's. That can be anything from exercise, meditation, diet, psychotherapy, art, poetry, or just spending some quality time with your family. Entries must be 500-750 words or less and if you are willing we would love a photo of you too! 

Our goal is to make a booklet out of your inspirational stories to distribute to new members of the Parkinson's community.

Please email your stories to [email protected]